Together we can make a difference.

We specialize in solving social problems, such as environmental, aging, virus, waste, and contribute to creating a biocircular society. We partner with universities and research centers to further advance R&D and innovations for our offering.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

With one of Europe’s leading research institutions, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, we are carrying out projects and research in several areas. These include developing zero-waste materials for textile production with synthetic biology, acceleration of functional textile material development with AI and designing natural compounds for anti-viral and anti-bacterial functionalities for textiles.

Aalto University, Finland

Coveross and Aalto University, one of Finland’s most valued universities, are co-innovating new cellulose-based materials and biochemicals for garments and textile products.


Helsinki University and HUS, Finland

Together with Helsinki University and Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), we are studying how Covid SARS spreads in the hospital environment and how to prevent this with Coveross textiles. We have also researched biocolors for fabrics.

Shinshu University, Japan

Shinshu University and Coveross have teamed up on several research and development programs, such as photocatalyst utilization for functional Coveross garments and textiles used in sports. We are also researching photocatalyst technology to clean harmful substances from laundry water and a Coveross® SAI health effects study on conductive smart-wear technology. The development of smart wear and measurement of comfort and stress of clothes are based on Kansei engineering


University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

With the University of Dhaka, we are researching the prevention of dengue fever and malaria from spreading with Coveross anti-insect materials.

Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Turku University of Applied Sciences and Coveross are developing new processes and services for the circular textile economy.


Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Together with Laurea, we are researching the well-being effects for healthcare personnel and patients with our Coveross Active product solution. We have also examined infection prevention with Coveross Protect product solutions in the healthcare environment. How can we lower infection rates for staff and patients with Coveross Protect textiles?

Kaken Test Center, Japan

Kaken Test Center is our leading test laboratory in Japan for validating Coveross functionalities according to ISO and JIS standards.


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