The future
of comfort is electric

Coveross OLO e-clothing brings a new layer of functionalities to everyday wear. Our solutions can either cool you down or warm you up and, in the future, even sense what makes you happy.

Coveross® evolution from 1st to 4th generation

2016: 1st generation Coveross series.

High Functionalities
Multi-functional fabric: world ́s first with 10 technical functions

2020: 2nd generation.

Coveross PROTECT, ACTIVE, FEEL HOTOPIA & COOLPIA products for heating & cooling +++
LED functions
Touch sensor
Pressure sensor
Temperature sensor

2022: 3rd generation SENSE.

Beyond E textile
Sensing your stress, good sleep for our happiness.

2025: 4th generation SENSE Paas for OLO.

beyond clothing
IoT, AI, DATA connected
Next More life!

Coveross OLO, the newest series of Coveross innovations, combines e-textiles and functional fabrics to create more comfortable clothing for everyday use. Coveross OLO comes in two versions:



Clothing that uses electricity to warm up your body. It stabilizes body temperature and eases stress in colder environments. 



Clothing that lowers your body temperature and brings wellbeing to higher temperature environments. It prevents heatstrokes and guarantees good sleep.



Comfortable sleeping in stable warmth outdoors, while camping & hiking etc.



Wellbeing and comfort for our pets. Based on OLO COOL.

In the future, we are integrating Coveross OLO products into our upcoming SENSE platform. Coveross SENSE will be a personalized smart wear platform that collects data from you and your surroundings, helping you make better choices and live a happier life.

We amplify textiles with natural magic

Coveross designs and creates functional textiles and personalized garments for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

Coveross® technology was created by Hap Co., Ltd, a Japanese garment OEM/ODM company, to move the fashion industry toward greater sustainability and enhance wellness with textiles. After three years of development and over 3,000 trials, Coveross® technology was introduced to the Japanese market in 2016. Since then, over 1,000,000 Coveross-empowered functional garments and textile products have been delivered to customers.

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