Our story

Finnish design and Japanese quality tackle climate change to bring well-being to all

We believe in equality, transparency, science, functionality – and that there’s a sustainable way to change the future of the global textile industry. Let’s add more life to textiles, people and the planet.

More life!

We want to turn science into textile functionalities that make everyday life healthier for people and our planet. Our approach is to use pure elements from nature as a foundation for our solutions. We amplify textiles with natural magic.

Our sustainability promise

Coveross aims for more sustainable solutions in all we do. We are co-innovate to develop environment-friendly cellulose-based raw materials for our product solutions. Together with the Telaketju cooperation network, we are developing circular economy business models. We are also creating smart laundry solutions. Overall, Coveross textile finishing technology uses 90% less water, chemicals, and energy.

Through these actions, we are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
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Coveross® technology was created by Hap Co., Ltd, a Japanese garment OEM/ODM company, to move the fashion industry toward greater sustainability and enhance wellness with textiles. After three years of development and over 3,000 trials, Coveross® technology was introduced to the Japanese market in 2016. Since then, over 1,000,000 Coveross-empowered functional garments and textile products have been delivered to customers.

Now, Coveross® is expanding beyond Japan. Coveross Oy was established in Finland in 2019 to transform Coveross® into a global brand. The new company will lead the business expansion to Europe and other new regions. Besides launching in new markets, the company focuses on sustainable R&D for new functional garments and daily-use textile products for different consumer and customer segments. Additionally, we are exploring Coveross® solutions for other textile applications, such as interior textiles, furniture and industrial use.


Mr. Moto Suzuki

Mr. Moto Suzuki

Co-founder (CEO hap co, ltd Japan & Coveross branch)

• Japan and Asian business & partnerships
• Sustainable manufacturing & finishing technology
• R&D in Japan and Asia
• Sales in Japan and Asia

Mr. Jarkko Jussila

Mr. Jarkko Jussila


• Global business & solutions development
• R&D in Finland and global co-creation programs
• Branding and marketing
• Sustainable partner solutions
• Sales in Europe and new markets

Ms. Yoko Yasuda

Ms. Yoko Yasuda

Ext-project coordinator

• Sustainable partner & design

Mr. Noboru Miyata

Mr. Noboru Miyata

Manager, Partnerships (hap/Coveross JAPAN)

Other Board Members and Advisors

Mr. Shizuo Nobuoka

 Develoment manager
• Coveross finishing technology development
• R&D in Japan and Asia

Mr. Hiroki Yahagi

Creative Director, Board member

Mr. Seima Karai

Director Denim Products

Mr. Kazunobu Ezawa

Advisor to Financing & Funding, Board Member

Ms. Soili Sundell

Board Member, Advisor to Logistics & Value Chain Operations

Should we join forces? Naturally.