Coveross® services

Improving products in every step of their lifecycle

Coveross® finishing solutions for new products

Coveross provides finishing solutions for new textiles, garments and fabrics that make the end-products more functional yet comfortable. Our functionalities range from anti-bacterial to, for example, water repellency finishing. We can set up the Coveross process as part of your current finishing process.

We offer our finishing solutions via four categories: Protect, Active, Feel & Sense. Of course, a tailor-made set of functionalities is available to fulfill brands, retail, B2B clients, and consumer’s needs. Read more about our product solutions here (linkki solutionsiin) 

Coveross® Life+ finishing solutions for used products 

Our solution for refinishing used garments and textiles. With Coveross® Life+, you can revitalize used clothes and textiles, expanding their lifetime with our unique functionalities. A great solution for garment and textile rental companies or retail companies wanting to refinish returned products.

With limited capacity, we can offer this service in Japan for samples and smaller quantities of products. We are currently in the scaling-up phase and looking at expanding to Finland and Europe, USA, and our manufacturing partner’s locations in Asia.


Coveross® manufacturing with Wizzard fabric

We offer OEM-ODM manufacturing with our special Wizzard fabric. Coveross® Wizzard fabric can contain up to ten functionalities with different functionalities added to the inside and outside of the material.

This service is available mostly for fashion, sports, outdoor and professional garments. We are currently expanding our portfolio to other textile products. Our key target market is currently Japan, but we can offer services also for other markets.

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